Mountain Stranded Time is a band that began in Jerome Arizona after John Ziegler and Ron Chilston decided to get together and learn a few tunes.  Shortly thereafter, a female lead singer was added.  After a few years, the lead decided to part ways, which left the original duo in a bit of a tight spot.  Still wanting to play music in Jerome, Clarkdale and Prescott, a call went out for another female lead.  Christy Fisher was selected after auditioning several vocalists and Tina Reichow came on board to fill out the sound with percussion.  Now, Mountain Stranded Time has settled into a groove of melodies from past and present, or as we like to call it, Retro Lounge & Roadhouse Music.  You will hear everything from Dean Martin to Prince, Linda Rondstadt to Talking Heads and Louis Prima to David Bowie.  The mix is an amalgamation of styles, past and present.  If you haven’t experienced Mountain Stranded Time, you owe it to yourself to come to a show.  Check out our Shows page for our gig calendar.  You may want to view some rambling musings, or what some folks call news.  Visit our Blog page to view.  We’ve also added a few videos to our Media page.  Not great quality but it will give you an idea of our sound and style.  Maybe you’ve given us a listen, (or two, we hope) and want to contact us.

We hope to see you soon!